Media Planning & Buying

Some common questions about media:
With all the different media options out there how do you choose what would be an effective plan for your company?

If it is a sale you go with radio, imaging or branding produce TV? If it were only that simple you wouldn't need advertising gurus or branding experts. It depends on your goals, objectives, your marketplace and ultimately your budget.

How do you know which sales representative is telling you the truth?

The quick answer...they are all telling you the truth. Ask yourself, would you be able to truly sell something to someone if you didn't believe it would work? Sales representatives are not the enemy….they are marketing consultants that happen to represent one medium. That is the beauty of hiring a marketing partner….we can help to eliminate some frustration for you too.

AdvertisingWorks works directly with all the media outlets so you will get the best overall media plan and strategy with no wasted advertising dollars and maybe even a few less headaches.