The Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: advertising works if it is done properly. The media world is changing - how people get their information and news is changing and your communications plan needs to change with it. Before any tactical advertising takes place (like a print ad, radio ad, or even direct mail) you need to have a strategy that includes a targeted demographic, a budget and goals. If you have a solid plan in place that incorporates a multi-faceted approach, your advertising can, and will, work. Advertising is the implementation of your marketing strategy. This sounds expensive right? Well it isnít! Advertising to the masses without a target or strategy is wasted advertising dollars - that's expensive. Marketing to a targeted demographic saves money in the long run. Thatís our goal at AdvertisingWorks, LLC: we want to be with you for the long run as your marketing advisor and partner. Everything is estimated beforehand and you, the client, are involved every step of the way...just like a true partner. You will see just how well advertising can work for you.